• The # 1 Digital Ledger Platform For Enterprise Information Management

    Boardwalktech digitally transforms the exchange of structured and unstructured
    enterprise information connecting companies, systems, people, plans, and data.
  • The Future is the 100% Digital Enterprise

    We digitally transform, connect, and cloud enable manual, high-touch
    enterprises processes run by Excel, email, and phone calls.
  • Why Digital Information Matters To Your Business

    Did you know that that 80% of enterprise data is unstructured and not accessible? How are you making
    decisions without all the data you need? It’s time to get to 100% digital.

We make enterprise information actionable by providing an ecosystem of applications that creates enterprise agility, from concept to consumer

Temporal Data

Having time-based data at the lowest granular information level means you can identify risk factors in your multi-party exchanges before they become problems.

Data Quality & Security

Managing and securing your enterprise data immutably at the lowest attribute level over time means your enterprise data is compliant and secure.

Verifiable Change History

A verifiable change history gives your business a clear understanding of where data is coming from, who is using it, and how it is transformed which means better decisions, faster.

Reduce Cycle Times

The Boardwalk Digital ledger helps you work better, faster, together reducing cycle times by 75% or more and enabling continual alignment between all parties.

Better Collaboration

Better multi-party collaboration increases accuracy, speeds alignment, lowers costs, improves flexibility and moves you towards predicting your business conditions versus reacting to them.

Elevate Visibility

Elevating visibility is about connecting groups and divided silos of information across your value chain. It’s also key to maximizing operating efficiency and performance.

Intelligently Predict vs React

Machine learning and AI work in a learn-predict-plan-and-act cycle, while continuously monitoring changing conditions to improve operating results.

Reduce Risk

A collaborative and proactive approach to reducing risk and avoiding the potential costs of disruption are fundamental to sustainable growth and prosperity.

Improve Business Results

The impact of getting to 100% digital can be significant-- 30 percent lower operational costs, 75 percent fewer lost sales, and a decrease in inventories of up to 75 percent.

Leveraging The Boardwalk Digital Ledger Enterprise Platform

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