• The # 1 Digital Ledger Platform For Enterprise Planning Applications

    Boardwalktech digitally transforms the exchange of enterprise information
    connecting companies, systems, people, plans, and data.
  • The Future is the 100% Digital Enterprise

    We digitally transform, connect, and cloud enable manual, high-touch
    planning processes run by Excel, email, and phone calls.
  • Why Digital Information Matters To Your Business

    Did you know that that 70% of enterprises still rely on manual spreadsheets and email for critical
    business processes which are not secure, connected, or collaborative. It’s time to get to 100% digital.

What we do: Digital Transformation of Multi Party Exchanges

Patented Digital Ledger

Boardwalktech offers patented digital ledger technology for multi-party, collaborative enterprise applications.

Transaction Chaining

Boardwalktech has deployed its patented transaction chaining ledger in production environments since 2004

Tamper-Proof Data Provenance

All changes are immutable, automatically versioned, and fully auditable.

Immutable Address/Value

Multi-party data exchanges require flexible, workflow-based consensus capabilities.

Permissions And Data Access Control

Control permissions and access at the granularity of business.

Collaborative Alignment

Enterprises realize tremendous value when all parties are collaboratively aligned on process information

Workflow Based Consensus

Multi-party data exchanges require flexible, workflow-based consensus capabilities.

Machine Learning and Chain Intelligence

With information history captured in transaction chains, the Boardwalk Digital Ledger can lend itself to advanced Machine Learning and Chain Intelligence.

Data Integration, Distribution, and Replication

Users only have their data distributed and replicated for their specific application environment.

Enterprise Blockchain

Designed for multi-party information exchange between an enterprise, its partners and other blockchain networks.

Boardwalk Virtual Machine

Enable interactions with process and blockchain data from any device/platform.

Ledger and Workflow Designer

Boardwalk supports powerful and flexible application development capabilities without requiring complex coding.

Leveraging A Digital Ledger Enterprise Platform

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