Consumer Packaged Goods

Technology is increasingly fundamental to competitive advantage in the consumer-packaged-goods (CPG) industry. It can spark innovation in business processes and product offerings while digital ledger-based collaboration between all value chain participants can more effectively shape trusted business strategies.

Digital Disruption in CPG Companies

Until now, CPG companies have tried to close this gap by building portals for their trading partners or enhancing their EDI exchange. However, by the time the portal is configured, and the data exchange is cleaned up, things need to change, and these “digital” systems are not flexible. Digital Ledger technology offers a new class of database technology promising the digital disruption required to react to change and remain competitive.​

CPG companies who deliver product to market through channels face significant challenges when trying to match supply and demand. It’s even harder when working with perishable products, facing strong competition, and/or selling to promotion sensitive consumers. This gap between manufacturer and trading partner means revenues, margins, and customer satisfaction all suffer.

Your Business, Your IP

For companies up and down the consumer-packaged goods (CPG) value chain, now is the time to take a fresh look at their planning processes including trade promotions, provenance tracking, pricing, CPFR, and demand-driven supply chain management. Increased complexity in the value chain is putting pressure even on well-run planning processes to make sure they are working with the right data (including unstructured), at the right level of granularity, and across the entire value chain.

Today, making accurate forecasting and product promotion choices is more difficult. No CPG company can afford inefficiencies in either process or coordination and effective, trusted collaboration between all parties is essential. It's time to elevate your CPG supply chain processes to a digital ledger platform.
Business Benefits
Increase Productivity and Visibility
Productivity and visibility increase since there’s a single version of the truth all operating data between part is. Powerful “what-if” scenario planning is leveraged by all users and the resulting plan is shared with theclick of a mouse.
Be More Competitive, Much Faster
New products are the life blood and often highly profitable products for the business. NPI and promotions can be rapidly formulated, planned, and executed meaning new business revenue and margin contribution can happen more quickly and frequently so you can stay ahead of the competition.
Enterprise. Information. Actionable
With 85% of enterprise data unstructured, conventional enterprise information environments simply cannot keep up with changes to your business. With Boardwalk, complex and disparatedata environments are easily bridged, curated, correlated, and made actionablebetween trading partners

Representative Boardwalk Application Areas

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