Financial Services

With immediate and practical applications in financial services focused mainly on operational efficiency, compliance, and risk, Digital Ledger technology will revolutionize the way the finance function operates in areas ranging from executing capital planning, controlling EUCs, to producing liquidity reports

EUCA Transformation at Scale

With risk management and compliance data and processes scattered across multiple systems in semi and unstructured formats, risk managers struggle to put the necessary pieces together to effectively manage risk. Boardwalktech’s innovative technology addresses and manages all enterprise information in its natural state and does not require any transformation to SQL. This is one key ingredient needed for delivering effective GRC controls in a fraction of the time compared to traditional methods​
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Enable Better Decision Making and Risk Reduction with a Digital Ledger

The Boardwalk Digital Ledger based Unity Central platform enables finance professionals to establish a trusted enterprise information management, collaboration, and tracking repository that’s fully integrated with the company’s enterprise information systems. Financial services professionals are now able to identify and take further action against risk-managed changes that are happening within critical processes before they negatively impact the business. ​​​

Expectations for productivity improvements through digital transformation are high, and, at a time when gaining regulatory and consumer trust in financial services is a focus, a Digital Ledger can play a powerful role in making needed changes within the industry.​​

Expectations for compliance are high, and, at a time when gaining regulatory and consumer trust in financial services is a focus, the compliance function can play a powerful role in making needed changes within the industry.​

A Powerful Platform For Managing Both Structured And Unstructured Data

With 80% of enterprise data being unstructured, how well are you making decisions and managing risk without this critical data? ​​

Boardwalk’s secure, compliant, and collaborative digital ledger capabilities enables improved productivity and visibility with a single, trusted and secure version of the truth for all your financial processes. And, using access control, all users across functions and value chain partners see only their data within the Digital Ledger so the process is securely managed across all participants.​
Business Benefits
Other analytics and compliance solutions focus on transactional data which is primarily historical. You need transparency and visibility into unstructured data in Excel files, emails, PDFs, B2B documents, and web pages

Seamlessly collect, correlate, and curate a data store that is sourced from structured and unstructured forms, e.g. Excel files, PDF documents, images, emails, SQL reports, and many other sources​

Business moves too fast to work with just data anymore. You can't wait until it's been captured, extracted, transformed, and loaded to SQL to find out what is impacting your business. You need to know right now!​

To make informed decisions and  improve compliance, you need to know who changed what, when, and why -- only a Digital Ledger provides full, granular data history as part of its core capabilities
It's about time financial services professionals had a solution which spoke theof their business rather than the transformed and compromised from IT

Managing changes at the lowest level of data granularity helps you understand and track the relationship of your financial data as it changes over time which lowers your business and operational risk
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