Enterprise GRC​

Governance, risk and compliance (GRC) refers to a strategy for managing an organization's overall governance, enterprise risk management and compliance with regulations. For most companies, GRC is a structured approach to aligning IT with business objectives, while effectively managing risk and meeting compliance requirements.​

Meeting enterprise GRC requirements involves IT and business establishing controls for End User Computing (EUC) and User Defined Applications (UDA) which are run manually in most companies today, as well as monitoring and auditing those controls to ensure they're working as intended. Organizations also use controls to manage identified risks

Enterprise GRC Challenges

Misleading Unified Vision
Organizations function in silos with their own data, technology, processes, stakeholders, and compliance requirements to meet. A singular unified approach generally does not prove effective​
Too Many Manual Processes
Risk and compliance groups are bogged down by the usage of archaic processes, with GRC efforts distributed across an unmanageable number of UDA/EUC spreadsheet-based processes​
Culture Alignment
While working towards developing a robust and flexible GRC strategy is crucial, it is even more crucial to ensure that it is being implemented at all levels with the least disruption to the way people work today​

Boardwalk-Driven Enterprise GRC

Boardwalktech’s GRC Control Framework improves the utility and reduce the risk of EUC/UDA applications by transforming them into Digitally Controlled Applications where business analyst teams can embed them in a Control framework and the business owner can monitor the usage and compliance of the application​
Lift and Shift​
Existing Excel-based UDA/EUC processes can be digitally transformed to the Boardwalk Digital Ledger without requiring any changes to the user’s status quo – a key to adoption and GRC success ​
Right Integrations​
Boardwalk lets you implement integrations that can help increase the efficacy of your GRC programs and  enable you to manage risk more proactively across stakeholders​
Monitoring Controls​
Boardwalk ensures that critical controls are being monitored carefully, which will help enterprises be adequately prepared to address new, high-impact risks
With a focus on workflow, exceptions, and variances, the Boardwalk Radius Analytics & Compliance Dashboard surfaces all active process information that needs to be addressed across multiple business dimensions

Benefits of using Boardwalk for Enterprise GRC

Effective GRC allows process owners to have access and control over the required data to run a business process while the enterprise also gains process transparency to manage the applicable risks and challenges​
Reduced Costs​
Lower costs contribute to the overall ROI gains represented by effective GRC activities. There is also reduced costs in maintaining duplicated controls, tests, issues, actions, and reporting across multiple data sources as they can all be managed via the Digital Ledger​
Reduced Risk
Improved alignment of objectives with mission, vision, and value of the organization, results in better decision-making agility and confidence​ and lower risk​
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