Financial professionals involved in the preparation of tax returns engage in thousands of projects each year for corporations, partnerships, and individuals. The scale and complexity of this work when considered on a firm-wide basis — including the extended tax valuechain — pose significant challenges. Digital Ledger technology uniquely address the complex needs of tax professionals

A Need for Technology to Keep up with Business

The creation and management of tax documents based on structured and unstructured data typically requires extensive programming to create a “developer-centric”, “one-off” tax planning environment—with static sheets and hard-coded rules

Internal experts often rely on Excel to define the complex business rules and formulas, but it’s a challenge to maintain and distribute updates to users without programming as Excel does not possess a scalable and maintainable capability to tailor the workbook environment to specific tax requirement data needs, resulting in a one size fits all approach that hampers usability and performance. These challenges called for an innovative technology platform that takes current file sharing and relational database technologies to the next level.

Using Boardwalk for Tax Applications

Boardwalk utilizes a new class of database technology – a patented “positional” Digital Ledger database platform which enables companies to rapidly create, maintain, and update business data within the familiar Excel environment while securely and reliably managing this business data across any number of desktop and other data environments.

By using Boardwalk’s unique data management platform, tax professionals can reduce risk and transform their tax planning operations by increasing internal controls, increasing responsiveness to tax firms and internal clients, and optimally align task complexity with resource experience.

Business Benefits

Increase Responsiveness
Increase responsiveness to internal and external clients by reducing tax preparation time and enabling secure sharing of business data leveraging an Excel or browser-based environment
Increase Efficiencies
Increase efficiencies by reducing the time it takes to create and complete projects and realigning task complexity with resource skill sets
Reduce Risk

Reduce risk of errors and omissions by more tightly controlling business and tax rules, discovering and reducing errors, and tracking changes with built in audit trail at the most granular data level for both structured and unstructured enterprise tax information
Increase Timeliness
Increase timeliness of consolidating and reporting on key tax data across entities, tax areas, and engagement partners

Representative Boardwalk Application Areas

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