Treasury & Cash Management

63% of treasurers polled said digital ledger technology can fundamentally change the payments ecosystem

Fintech professionals agree that Digital Ledger technology represents a real revolution in payments. It has the potential to change the way they do documentation, trade finance and anything where they have to move money. Where there is a lot of paper work, there is a lot of efficiency to be gained

Treasury & Cash Management Challenges

Multiple Systems​
Consolidating information from multiple systems and locations in order to develop a rolled-up cash forecast is time consuming and puts the enterprise at risk if the information is either corrupt or not accurate
Manual Collaboration​
Collaborating has traditionally been done by emailing spreadsheets between process participants. While the flexibility of spreadsheets makes modeling business logic parameters easy, sharing this logic and collaborating on this data using email is not efficient, not secure, and not accurate
Takes Too Long​
Timing is critical when managing working capital. Using manual methods of collecting data and waiting for participants to deliver information so decisions can be made is no longer optimal. Immediate visibility of all data is core to managing and maintaining a world-class treasury and cash management function
Not Flexible​
Your enterprise is dynamically changing on a daily basis. The need to have a flexible system to keep up with these changes is paramount to success

Digital Ledger powered Treasury & Cash Management

Our customers use Boardwalk to develop an enterprise quality “single version of the truth” for all their treasury & cash management forecasting, reporting and analytical data. At the same time, Boardwalk lets you retain the flexibility and power of Excel’s business modeling environment on the desktop which is essential to a successful treasury and cash management system
No Re-Platforming​
Patented digital ledger data management technology directly leverages existing Excel-based planning models without re-platforming
Single Version of the Truth​
A single, blockchain verifiable digital ledger contains all of your data and provides a complete cell-level audit trail, change history, and comprehensive access control for your sensitive data which greatly reduces risk and moves these processes into a compliant risk managed environment
Seamlessly share data changes between your system(s) of record and your Boardwalk-driven cash and treasury management processes
Local “What-ifs”​
Take treasury and cash management data offline and work in isolation, then automatically synchronize your changes with other participants in the process

Benefits of using Boardwalk for Treasury and Cash Management

High Adoption​
Since Boardwalk fully leverages legacy Excel environments, adoption is rapid, training is minimal, and the investment in capturing your existing treasury and cash management processes is preserved
Improved Productivity​
Automating the collaboration and consolidation process means cycle times are reduced freeing up employees to focus on activities which improve operational results
Wider Participation​
Extend your processes to more participants since users can work in isolation using Excel on the desktop or via a browser and submit their changes when ready to commit.
Data Integrity​
Ensure reliable data throughout your process by leveraging Boardwalk’s enterprise quality, access-controlled, digital ledger which provides a blockchain verified single version of the truth for all treasury & cash management data
Full Audit Trail​
Eliminate the confusion of trying to gain visibility into and understand what’s changed in legacy environments across multiple versions using Boardwalk’s unique cell-level change management and audit trail
Change Management​
Develop dashboards on the fly to capture and report to management or specific teams and individual's data changes within each process so everyone has a clear view of the current status
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