Master Data Management (MDM)​

Master Data Management is the strategy, structure, and practice of managing all data across an organization​

Master Resource Management (MDM) Challenges

Errors, Omissions, or Loss
it’s increasingly common for organizations to have data inconsistencies across their multiple departments and systems. These numerous links in the chain pose a risk for errors, omissions, or loss​
Mis-Aligned Data​
Existing  systems can’t communicate and work in harmony to deliver excellent customer service and increase revenue leading to poor customer experience, and eventually — lost revenue​
Data Governance/Standards​
Your master data standard should be in agreement with all the data types in your company yet adaptable to data of various standards impacting your organization. Finding commonality and compliance to standards can be complicated
Data Integration​
Integrating MDM with other data applications can be a  laborious task. The data transfer from one application to another often causes errors and take a lot of time. Plus, during the integration process, aligning data fields seamlessly is often a moving target

Digital Ledger powered Master Data Management

Data management internally and with customers, partners, and regulators is increasingly a requirement for companies in all industries. Boardwalk enables better manage data acquisition via integration, data quality, time tracking, multiple approval level workflow, audit trails, and data validation​
Multi-Party/System Integration​
Multiple integration options to acquire master data information from internal and external users​
User interface options including Excel which supports offline save and sync support or a browser interface offers browser or mobile-based editing of data​
Includes workflows to approve/reject master data before it is saved in ERP. The request flows for multiple approvals sequentially​
Multiple notification options for rejection, successful insert/update of data, or failure. Includes a complete audit trail of data updates​
Boardwalk provides a powerful, collaborative environment where everyone can get aligned in the correct master data management (MDM) product attributes while also integrating with your core systems​

Benefits of using Boardwalk for Master Data Management

Better Data Compliance​
Non-compliance with data regulations may lead to far-reaching implications, which include penalties and loss of reputation. MDM application decreases the chances of regulatory non-compliance​
Informed Decision Making​
MDM offers a holistic vision and better control over the organization’s data. Access to updated and quality data assists all stakeholders to make informed decisions
Enables Easy Data Edits​
By removing making isolated updates which create major data inconsistency issues, Boardwalk MDM enables any changes made to the master data to reflect across all the relevant data destinations​
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