CPFR – Collaborative Planning, Forecasting & Replenishment​

Using CPFR, a Fortune 500 company improved forecast accuracy by over 40% while simultaneously reducing supply chain risks​

Boardwalk CPFR provides you the unique ability to have visibility into your partners’ replenishment needs in real time. Boardwalk’s ability to capture data, and communicate changes, risks, and opportunities as they happen across your extended value chain provides you with a significant competitive advantage and takes your CPFR process to the next level

CPFR Challenges

Poor Forecast Accuracy
Organizations do not have the tools & capabilities to get accurate forecast from their sales team as well as from their partners, vendors & suppliers​​
Poor Collaboration
Organizations struggle to collaborate  not only within different teams within organization but also with external entities in their extended value chain​
Siloed Information Limits Ability to Respond
Most organizations work as separate, siloed and disconnected entities. They lack capabilities to make information flow seamlessly within & outside the enterprise

Benefits of using Boardwalk for CPFR

Improved Visibility across extended Supply Chain​
Higher visibility into your supplier’s, manufacturer’s & retailer’s supply chain​​
Enhanced Collaboration & Trust​
Change the relationship paradigm between you and your partners driving value chain efficiency​​
Impact your Topline and your Bottomline​
Reduce stock outs, improve on time delivery & forecast accuracy impacting both your revenue & profitability​​
When doing collaborative planning, it’s important the individual user can do their own local, what-if analysis while still being able to easily share changes with others. Boardwalk works the way you want to
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