Sales Operations Planning & Execution

Sales & operations planning and execution is overdue for major disruption. The process of moving a product from the manufacturer to the end recipient has become excessively complex involving multiple parties with lots of planning data supporting demand and supply, contracts, invoices, delivery notes, and customs information. Visibility and transparency – especially in the critical 0-12 week time space while the goods are in transit – are generally poor. ​

Sales and operations planning (S&OP) is the set of business processes and supporting technologies that enable an enterprise to effectively respond to demand and supply variability with timely decisions regarding the right supply, demand, and manufactured product mix.

Once S&OP planning is completed, the cross-functional team adjourns, and each group does its best to optimize the execution (S&OE) part of the process they own. If no variations ever occurred during the operations period, then this would work perfectly every time. However, exceptions related to fluctuations in demand, shortages, delays, and disruptions can reveal the process weak points of your supply chain and these exceptions are all too common.​

Sales Operations Planning & Execution Challenges

Manual Collaboration
Manual, email-based collaborative communication between all functional operational silos both inside and outside the enterprise means long process cycles​
Poor Visibility
Gaining a cross-company insight into the operating processes of different departments on a timelier and more granular basis is difficult​
Planning Buffers
Without a good way to get aligned, everyone adds buffers to their plans to compensate which costs everyone revenue and margin​

Benefits of Boardwalk Sales Operations Planning & Execution

Manufacturers are increasingly looking to automation to increase operational efficiency throughout the organization including digitally transforming legacy processes. Using the Boardwalk Digital Ledger, manufacturers can digitally transform existing manual processes without re-platforming onto a digital ledger providing the time critical visibility and digital ledger trusted insight into the detailed operational and execution data they desire​

Boardwalk transforms high touch manual processes and delivers improved multi-party information exchanges, reduced business risk, and a richer data environment for predictive analytics​​
Rapid Value / ROI
Enable effective S&OP/E applications with minimal investment, low change management, and 100% adoption. Legacy environments digitally transformed in 6-8 weeks​​
Better Operating Performance
A best in class Sales Operations Planning & Execution solution frees up capital, improves cash flow, and improves margins​
For S&OP/S&OE multiple inventory metrics are all easily managed and presented in ways that can help all stakeholders understand where they should be focused to improve operational performance​
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