New Product Introduction (NPI) & Product Change Tracking

With the dramatic reduction in product life cycles and the rapidly evolving customer needs, tastes, and preferences, the strategic importance of NPI has increased significantly. This, coupled with the global extension of supply chain, makes the ability to introduce new products to market rapidly and effectively and to make changes to existing products a key source of competitive advantage. ​

The traditional product introduction and change process is broken. It takes too long and consumes too many resources. Usually, it's run via lots of spreadsheet trackers crammed into SharePoint sites which are a mess. Organizations in rapid innovation industries including consumer electronics, cosmetics, and apparel can embrace digital ledger technology to ease this pain and increase productivity. For example, access-controlled and workflow controlled inputs from all participants into a project/product tracker keeps everyone aligned to a single version of the truth, increases trust and data accuracy, resulting in better, faster outcomes. A digital ledger also enables better decision-making since the change history can be used to predict how the business will perform

New Product Introduction (NPI) And Product Change Challenges

Shortened Product Lifecycle​
Over last few decades organizations are struggling with ever shortening of the product life cycle. The need to rapidly introduce new products given the rapidly changing consumer, competitive & technological landscape has been critical
Extended of Supply Chain​
As organizations have moved offshore their supply chains have extended adding  new layer of risks, lead time & opaqueness across R&D, Engineering, Operations, Packaging, Procurement, Finance and external vendors, suppliers & contract manufacturers​
Poor Collaboration ​
With global supply chains, organizations need to .dramatically improve trust, collaboration & information flow to effectively manage cost & competitive  pressure​

Boardwalk Digital powered New Product Introduction (NPI)

For companies seeking to innovate and grow at a rapid pace, an efficient new product introduction (NPI) and product change process is business-critical. Both can create an immense burden on manufacturing operations, so understanding market demand and the ability to supply across your value chain can help reduce risk. Boardwalk enables you to improve your new product introduction process to build in quality and reduce risk.
Multi-Party Alignment​
Enables all parties involved to collaborate and align on new and changed product information data across internal and external users​
User interface options including Excel which supports offline save and sync support or a browser interface offers browser or mobile-based editing of data​
Includes comprehensive workflow and notification capabilities. Includes a complete audit trail of data updates
Boardwalk supports a collaborative exchange across all parties involved in NPI and product changes plus supports two-way integration with backend PLM and other systems

Benefits of using Boardwalk for NPI and Product Tracking

Seamless Collaboration
Achieve real time collaboration & frictionless flow of information  across your   extended  value chain - R&D, Engineering, Operations, Procurement, Packaging, Finance, external vendors, suppliers & CMs​
Reduce Time to Market by over 50%
Build a transparent, efficient, collaborative & integrated NPI process which extends across your supply chain to external partners.​
Minimize Cost & Maximize  Compliance​
With end to end  traceability  &  unique digital ledger capabilities, your can eliminate process inefficiencies & accelerate optimal decision making
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