Process Visibility & Orchestration

On average, for every PO, there are 26 supply chain signal documents - emails, PDFs, EDI feeds - generated before fulfillment. Something always goes wrong. Getting real-time, end-to-end process visibility and workflow orchestration with proactive alerts driving collaborative chats between stakeholders means problems get resolved sooner. Finally, obtaining 100% Perfect Order Execution is achievable with Unity Central.

Increase Visibility
Capturing all order management signals and getting proactive alerts to something going wrong can get you to perfect order execution and better business outcomes.
Achieve 100% Customer Satisfaction
Continuous supply chain monitoring and process orchestration across your entire ecosystem makes 100% customer satisfaction possible.
Improved Fill Rates
Increase revenue by quickly resolving order execution challenges through real-time end-to-end visibility and predictive analytics.
Reduced Penalties
Avoid delayed, reworked, changed, and dropped orders by gaining visibility into what's changing, when, and why while you still have time to react.
Create digital twins of your SOP fulfillment process, and then track actual orders with real-time process orchestration alerting you as to what's on track, what's missing, and what's wrong
A dashboard view provides complete process insight across all your order information including proactive alerts about what's coming next and where you should focus

Benefits of Using Boardwalk Unity Central for Order-To-Fulfillment/Cash

Unity Central is your control center for managing your entire order to fulfillment process. Work with all your supply chain signals, run queries, set workflows, get alerts, and gain predictive analytic insights right from your desktop. Get complete visibility into your supply chain ecosystem so you have real-time process insight, can quickly understand what has changed, and be alerted so you can take action and get to a 100% perfect order execution.
Reduce Costs
Reduce penalties, chargebacks, and logistics costs​ while at the same time exceeding SLAs and improving customer satisfaction
Better Decisions, 50-80% Faster
Keep up with changing customer expectations, demand swings and supply chain disruptions without stressing your fulfillment and supply chain process visibility process
Better Results
Reduce late orders 0.5%, reduce unfulfilled orders 5%, lower order rework rates 10-30%, resolve credit block on orders 50% faster, improve case fill rates 2%+

Unity Central for Order-To-Fulfillment/Cash

Boardwalk Unity Central absorbs structured and unstructured "word" elements from un-altered raw documents/information sources (EDI, PDF, Excel, and SQL) to chart courses and derive insights as part of digital twin process flows that were previously not available to the enterprise either at all or not in a timely manner​​
Other fulfillment and supply chain process visibility solutions focus primarily on transactional DATA which is structured. You need transparency and visibility into ALL structured and unstructured DOCUMENTS and information flows

Seamlessly collect and correlate all order data in personal workspaces while enabling collaboration between all process participants when working with structured and unstructured documents like order forms, POs, sales orders, bills of lading, proof of delivery, and other fulfillment and supply chain process data in its raw document form

Many times, fulfillment and supply chain process visibility data calls for multiple items to be handled via multiple process threads. With Unity Central, you can branch and merge process flows so perfect order execution is not slowed by legacy serial data sharing requirements

You can't wait to find out what is impacting your orders until its been captured, extracted, transformed, and loaded. Business moves too fast to work with just "data" anymore

Critical demand and supply side events can be accessed from multiple separate systems so you can get notified of a critical situation while still having time to respond before impacting the order
With Unity Central, you can accelerate your supply chain maturity through comparative analytics which helps you prevent crises and optimize your supply chain
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