IT Process Platform

Even though companies have spent millions of dollars on enterprise applications, 80% of the daily work in an enterprise is done outside of system(s) of record much of it within Excel​

Information workers primarily rely on familiar desktop productivity applications like email and spreadsheets to help them perform their daily job functions, analyze data, and collaborate with others. However, these workers are not leveraging enterprise system capabilities which require a digital transformation of existing processes adding security, scale, trust, integration and collaboration. The Boardwalk Digital Ledger enables this process transformation

IT Process Platform Challenges

Business Risk
Out of necessity, rogue processes have been created to solve business problems using spreadsheets which are inherently not enterprise quality​
Not Compliant
It’s difficult to control rogue desktop UDA/EUC processes because there's no easy way to gain insight into their status, no ability to control who has access to the data, and no easy way to centrally manage these ad-hoc spreadsheet-based processes​
Limited Applications
Information workers require the ability to work collaboratively on their desktops with data stored in enterprise systems which is today only available through a few users. This means the power of business applications is not being extended to every employee across the enterprise​

Boardwalk-Driven IT Process Platform

Boardwalk utilizes a patented digital ledger data management technology which runs on top of an industry standard relational data store. This unique technology bridges the gap between the cumbersome record-storage world of relational database systems or basic key-value pair data environments and the business data modeling of the digitally transforming enterprise. Boardwalk is a technology breakthrough that does for tabular data what relational systems did for file systems​
Enterprise Quality
The Boardwalk Digital Ledger server is an enterprise-quality data management platform for your company’s multi-party planning processes which enables an access controlled, auditable, and secure data exchange between all parties​
Boardwalk digitally transforms legacy manual processes into enterprise quality applications while retaining the power and flexibility of the desktop which means Boardwalk-driven processes can be deployed in weeks, not months​
Fully Integrated
Boardwalk enables a two-way, collaborative exchange between multiple transactional enterprise processes and ad-hoc, desktop-based productivity processes​
The list of digital transformation projects is often way beyond the capabilities of traditional platforms. Boardwalk changes all this – enabling you to “lift and shift” manual processes in as littles as 2-4 weeks

Benefits of using Boardwalk for IT Process Platform

Increase Productivity
Eliminate the information worker’s reliance on business application experts and seamlessly connect the process and productivity application worlds
Increase Participation
Enterprise data used in isolation on the desktop can now be included as part of the overall enterprise workflow​
Lower Business / Operational Risk
Eliminate the risk of being out of compliance with standards and policies while also enabling immutability and verification capabilities​
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