A query engine for research and correlation of structured and unstructured information

Athena - The Personification Of Wisdom

Athena allows you to derive insights, inside and outside of your company by typing in easy to remember key Words rather than writing cumbersome SQL queries. From digging into a specific purchase order to doing abstract research and correlation, Athena allows you to dictate the information you see in Ripple in an entirely new and refreshing way.

By absorbing enterprise structured and unstructured data, it allows you to uncover insights and connect dots that were likely unseen or buried deep within scattered document, files and emails.

For supply chain, shipment notices, inventory data, forecasts, open orders are all presented visually with the provenance of all changes providing comprehensive Radius Supply Chain Control Tower

Presenting correlated structured and unstructured information visually enables your organization to uncover relationships that you did not know existed before because you could not effectively process the data​

Essential to all enterprise information is having a complete understanding of all data as it changes over time. A Digital Ledger provides this out-of-the box without any cumbersome logs or configuration changes​

In other application areas, predictive data visualization and analysis dashboards can be used to gain domain appropriate insights so you can make better business decisions, faster.

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