Product Pricing​

A leading Hi-Tech company significantly improves its margin & Profitability by leveraging Boardwalk Product Pricing App​

Boardwalk Pricing app enables you to collaborate across multiple teams including Finance, Sales, Marketing & others to create, approve & publish Price Lists. It pulls latest customer, item, inventory & cost related data from ERP & CRM systems ensuring you to work with the latest data. Its rules based multi-tier approval & workflow engine allows you to configure product specific approval and notifications ensuring rapid, accurate & efficient product pricing process

Product Pricing Challenges

Inability to React Quickly
Most organizations struggle to quickly respond to market forces owing to extremely cumbersome & manual Pricelist Management Process ​
Errors & Mistakes Lead to Loss of Revenue
Given the constant need to update, publish & share pricelist, there are frequent errors & mistakes which creep in leading to loss or revenue​
No Ability to Analyze Full Impact of Price Change
Given the different kinds of discount, rebates & promotions most organizations struggle to understand the full impact of these​

Benefits of using Boardwalk for Product Pricing

Reduced  Time to create & Publish Pricelists by over 90%​
Reduce the cycle time by over 90%  by automating & eliminating manual repetitive tasks
Enhance Fidelity & Trust in Data​
Easy, configurable  rule-based approval  & workflow engine improves fidelity & trust with partners & customers
Synchronize Demand & Supply
Better profitability  by analyzing  the full impact of price change, discount & rebates  on margins, revenue  etc.​
Getting aligned on what pricing should be offered and at what level of distribution is crucial for managing your margins. Boardwalk makes this easy
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