Microsoft Excel has grown to become arguably the most important computer program in workplaces around the world. Businesses, in any function, in any industry use Excel extensively. It is the lingua franca of business. It is also the first desktop digital ledger pioneering the use of positional data on the desktop.​​​​

Boardwalktech's patented Digital Ledger Technology gives enterprises in any industry the low code digital transformation application platform they need to get to 100% digital for not only all the manual work they do in Excel but also all their structured and unstructured data. Our Digital Ledger low code application platform solves the trust, collaboration, and data alignment issues that companies face when working with multiple parties.​​

Below, we’ve presented only a representative set of the industries where customers use our Boardwalk Digital Ledger technology. Contact us if you don’t see your industry.​

Reduce time to market and improve margins in a competitive markets with reduced product lifetimes​

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Enabling multi-party exchanges for technology manufacturers​

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Enable collaborative exchanges across globally distributed channel and supply value chains to increase alignment and transparency
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Digitally transform distributed, multi-tiered manufacturing chains from capacity, build and supply planning
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Financial Services
Improve operational efficiency and compliance while reducing risk​

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Improve operational efficiency and compliance while reducing risk by increased visibility​

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Digital Ledger Technology Enabling Next Generation Tax Applications​

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A digital ledger brings security, efficiency, visibility, and speed to public sector organizations​
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