Retail Payroll Forecast Management​

A retail store’s profitability is closely tied to the sales the store makes and the money it pays to the staff on its payroll.  A store manager is always looking at optimizing the staff that they have working on any particular day, balancing with the need of having certain type of skills on the floor to address customer needs and to closing on-floor sales. Much of this planning is done manually today.​

Retail Payroll Forecast Challenges

Resource Availability
Ensure the availability of resources, meaning both staff and materials, by spotting and resolving any resource conflict. For instance, not having a resource double booked on two shifts at once​
Sales History
Sales on this day in the previous year gives an indication of what to expect and plan for
Projected Sales
Project sales forecast for the day helps Managers optimize their Payroll
Previous Days Sales
Knowing how the store performed the previous day allows the managers tweak their Payroll to align to targets.
Staffing Commitments
Having a published staffing plan allows the staff to plan and commit their availability
Resource Utilization
Plan and track resources to avoid excessive utilization, reduce costs

Using Boardwalk Digital Ledger for Retail Payroll Forecast Management​

The Boardwalk Digital Ledger allows peer-to-peer collaboration that eliminates manual re-entry of digital data, streamlining information flow for effectively managing their staffing and payroll

Automate the time-consuming aspects of staffing resource management so staff can focus on doing their work and not on emailing updates to each other
Data Integrity
Eliminate copying/pasting of staffing data improves efficiency and reduces errors
Enable multi-party collaboration for all your process data and integrate it with your front and back office​
Seemless Scalability
Easily handle and scale your existing process with multiple currencies, multiple languages, global payroll and billing functions, and local employment laws
You can’t meet retail customer expectations for service if it’s too hard for staff to give current availability and quickly align it to plan. Boardwalk can help you make sure you don’t miss a sale by being short staffed

Benefits of using Boardwalk for Retail Payroll Forecast Management​

Better Process Data
Process participants can easily view and share the same data which can dramatically increase efficiencies, reduce errors, and eliminate redundancy​
Better Decisions
Having all your staffing and sales data in the Boardwalk Digital Ledger provides a consistent, validated, and trusted data source for store profitability information​
Staffing Confidence
Employment, educational, and other records stored in a digital ledger reduces the time spent calling previous employers, and working with educational verification and background check companies​
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