What is Boardwalktech?

Boardwalktech is a developer of transformational enterprise information management technology solutions. We enable better visibility, collaboration, alignment, and compliance capabilities for your extended value chain so you can make more insightful and actionable decisions, faster​.

Our Vision

Boardwalktech was the first company to develop a now patented positional data management technology. We were also the first company to deliver a Digital Ledger database powered low code application platform designed specifically for collaborative, secure, and compliant multi-party enterprise applications — both disruptive offerings in the market.

Our vision is to provide Digital Ledger technology and products for the extended enterprise which our customers can use to run mission critical applications managing the digital exchange of structured and unstructured information internally and with customers, channels, and partners.

We’re well on our way. Today, we have companies of all sizes in all industries running mission critical processes managing billions of elements of data as part of their digital information exchange with thousands of value chain partners

Our Story

Setting the Stage

Spreadsheets were the first “Killer App” for businesses pioneering the use of positional data as a digital ledger on the desktop. Relational databases revolutionized enterprise data usage on a server. The problem – positional and relational data don’t work well together.


In 2004, the founders of Boardwalktech developed a simple, yet powerful, way to bring these worlds together. They created a new class of database – a patented, digital ledger technology which focuses on securely working with all enterprise information from any source, with granular time-based change management and full provenance and immutability. Our extended product suite running on the Unity Digital Ledger Platform can be used both in the cloud or on premise and in any application, device, or platform.

Digital Ledger Platform

After a decade plus, Boardwalktech has grown from a single application to a technology company that has built and deployed a wide range of applications and low code application platform capabilities supporting our customers from concept to consumer. Serving Fortune 500 companies across industries, Boardwalktech went public on the Toronto Stock Exchange Venture in 2018

The Future of Boardwalk: Unity Central

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