Digital ledger technology ensures accountability, immutability, auditability, and integrity of data, making it ideal for the secure, collaborative, multi-party exchanges technology manufacturers need in order to manage enterprise data from internal and external teams. Without this, they end up building the wrong amount or wrong mix of products which impacts margins and profits.

Technology is Changing How Companies Go-to-Market

The Technology industry is always in flux. Frequent new products and category innovation define and redefine the sector’s constantly shifting landscape. Increasingly, technology firms are reexamining the structure of their businesses and taking bold steps to squeeze out better financial performance because their profit margins and market share are under siege from disruptive competitors. The competition from all market participants, in turn, has made customers more demanding. They are seeking greater performance, better features, and more platform independence and flexibility at the lowest price point possible.

How Can Technology Manufacturers Stay Competitive?

Boardwalk’s patented Digital Ledger technology enables companies to rapidly create, maintain, and update business data using any UI including legacy spreadsheets while securely and reliably managing this business data across any number of desktop and other data environments. Technology businesses need a tool for collecting customer-level data – both structured and unstructured - which can then easily be lined up with product data in order to make operations-level decisions. All changes are versioned, the data is securely access controlled in the cloud, and changes can be easily tracked and validated, this reduces forecast cycle times and enables technology manufacturers to run their business more profitably.
Business Benefits

Boardwalk gives you the ability to easily collect data from disparate structured and unstructured data sources, including reaching outside firewall to trading partners.

Visibility, Collaboration, Alignment
Hundreds of users across multiple supply and demand tiers can work at the same time on the same data “offline” and securely share granular “net” changes when ready with the click of a mouse. Boardwalk gives you the ability to easily collect data from disparate structured and unstructured data sources, including reaching outside firewall to trading partners. With Boardwalk, you're able to address the risk and security concerns associated with collaborating manually using spreadsheets and email with your trading partners.
Your Business. Your IP
For companies up and down the Technology value chain, now is the time to take a fresh look at their multi-party, collaborative processes including opportunity revenue forecasting, unit forecasting, quote management, and capacity planning. Increased complexity in the value chain is putting pressure even on well-run planning processes to make sure they are working with the right data, at the right level of granularity, across the entire value chain.
Measurable Improvements
  • Planning cycles reduced from 6 weeks to weekly
  • Increased sell-through forecast accuracy 20% and sell–in 10% across all customers
  • Reduced inventory 59% and stock rotation 30% with key distributor
  • Increased customer satisfaction by 33% while still adhering to a 4-week lead time
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