Digital Ledger technology is changing the way payroll, recruitment, competency management and learning are managed in the enterprise today. As a cross-industry disruptor, Digital Ledger technology has the potential to reshape the workforce technology landscape​

Workforce Development In The Age Of Digital Transformation​​

With technology developing more rapidly than ever, the way we do business is changing and it affects everything from customer acquisition and our product offerings, to our tools and processes, to our workforce and work environments. To succeed in a rapidly changing market, organizations must adapt their workforce management processes to take advantage of new digital innovations and transformations

Technology Disruption in Workforce Management​

Boardwalktech's products enables HR organizations to leverage a Digital Ledger low code application platform to improve the exchange of information which forms the framework for the employer-employee relationship​

Boardwalk provides a platform with a complete set of tools to quickly build Digital Ledger low code applications for managing, collaborating and reporting on human resources information across your extended enterprise and beyond. Leveraging and extending your investment in existing HRIS systems, Boardwalk integrates with all transactional systems of record with its full API & ETL capabilities making workforce process more secure, transparent, and efficient​

Representative Boardwalk Workforce Application Areas

Staffing Resource Management
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Salary Planning
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Performance Management
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IT Process Platform
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