Inventory Planning  ​

Because inventory planning involves the determination of inventory quantities, timing, and alignment with production capacity and sales volume, it’s a critical business process which directly impacts your company's cash-flow and profitability​

Effective inventory planning is key to profitability as inventory velocity turns assets into profits. The faster inventory turns, the greater the profitability. Customers demand that their orders be shipped complete, accurate and on-time. That means having the right inventory at the right place at the right time. But this is easier than it sounds
Enhanced Inventory Decision-making​
Better collaboration across all supply chain partners enables more effective inventory planning decisions. Reduce inventories at multiple points while maintaining service levels
Drive Global Inventory Alignment​
Get on-demand into critical supply chain performance metrics across all supply chain value partners including on-hand and forecasted inventory, days of supply, and other KPIs
Inventory Scenario Planning

Scenario plan the impact and cost trade offs of lead-time reductions, safety stock changes, and other changes on service or stock levels.​

Inventory Planning Challenges

Lack of Visibility
In a survey of Global Chief Supply Chain Executives it was reported that 79% of the respondents reported the lack of visibility significantly impacts their supply chains​
Lack Collaboration
Lack of collaboration results in increased supply chain risks & surprises adversely impacting inventory planning​
Lack of Ability to Respond Quickly
The inability to respond quickly enough to changes in the supply chain leads to high inventory as well as missed sales opportunities​

Benefits of using Boardwalk for Inventory Planning

Reduced Working Capital
Reduce your locked up working Capital  in Inventory by  up to 50%  by improving end to end Supply Chain visibility​
Enhanced Collaboration Across you Value Chain
Improved Collaboration & Trust leading to reduced Supply Chain shocks & last-minute fire fighting​
Synchronize Demand & Supply
Connect Demand & Supply signals from disparate systems to improve insight creating new opportunity​
A Fortune 500 company reduced its buffer stock by over 50% within 1 year of implementing Boardwalk. Every company has its own requirements for managing inventory – why change the way you do it to match someone else’s IP? With Boardwalk, you can directly scale the way you work, today!​​​
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