Low-Code Business Application Platform

Implement business strategies by rapidly developing collaborative planning and enterprise process applications. This multi-user, low code application platform helps in achieving agility for your team and keeps your apps at par with changing business needs and processes

The Boardwalk Low-Code Business Application Platform solves the fundamental disconnect between the real business needs and final product.

Our Business Application Platform is so intuitive even business analysts users can build apps without writing a line of code, which helps breaks silos between IT and develop stronger partnerships.​ Enterprise applications typically have multiple participants that cross enterprise boundaries all with different data, workflow, and consensus requirements. ​

Boardwalk supports powerful and flexible application development capabilities with low-code platform that leverages all the powerful business modeling and formula capabilities of desktop Excel.​​ With the Business Application Platform, business users can be developers, too, and we're excited to show how you can develop custom business strategies by enabling the creation of tailor-made enterprise applications​ leveraging your process IP.​

Low Code Business Framework

Build Low-Code Apps directly from Excel. Transform your existing business IP by leveraging existing process models and workflows​
Role Based Templates

Create Role-Based Templates that enable rapid decision making by unifying enterprise, partner, and customer information with calculations and analysis. Apply enterprise quality entitlements and access control rules by  role.​
Enterprise Information Management

Configure complex business formatting, validation, and verification rules that bring enterprise level quality and control to Excel applications​
Master-Instance Management

Create Master Templates for Excel models, formulae and macros. Empower Business Analysts and SME to manage the process and automatically distribute updates to all users​
Award Winning Integration

Configure your process integration with other systems, reporting environments, and partner data with our award winning ETL integration engine.​
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