Radically digitizing manual sourcing and procurement functions through digital transformation to increase operational efficiency can yield a 45% cost reduction across the organization​

Boardwalk Sourcing Challenges​

Boardwalktech customers have turned to our digital ledger to automate their existing, manually run compensation systems, providing enhanced visibility and a process that is more scalable and able to drive and manage staffing behavior and, in turn, bottom-line business results
Lack of Collaboration / Visibility
Empowered consumers, mounting global competition, and a shifting marketplace means companies need to develop secure, collaborative technology now to avoid losing sales opportunities or being driven out of the market
Product Innovation
Manufacturers need to focus on continuous product innovation to compete and yet existing technologies have yielded sluggish and extended product innovation cycles due to the inability to securely collaborate between trading partners
Multiple Trading Partners
The lack of flexible data environment means changes by trading partners are not easily accommodated by other partners which results in inaccurate and inconsistent product and partner information - ultimately causing inventory issues and cost everyone money
Inventory Availability
Reaching across firewalls and platforms and reconciling different business definitions is very hard which means brands have little or no visibility into the shared supply chain and suffer from a lack of trust and synchronization

Boardwalk-Driven Sourcing

For global enterprises, Boardwalk offers a comprehensive solution that covers all aspects of sourcing driven by on-demand collaboration that aligns global partners on complex sourcing plans, and provides timely visibility into forecasts, supply pricing, and logistics
User Friendly Interface
Everyone's comfortable using Excel's powerful "what if" and scenario analysis capabilities -- it just does not scale. Boardwalk makes the Excel you use today enterprise capable
Supplier Workspaces​
Boardwalk Sourcing allows​Suppliers to download the plans to their local workspaces where they​ can collaborate with their internal teams before committing the plans​
BOM Explosions
Boardwalk Sourcing transforms production plans into weekly supply plans driven by BOM quantities and actual plus forecasted inventories​
Boardwalk Sourcing is connected to internal ERP and PLM systems to extract production plans and BOM configurations. The suppliers can integrate their plans to allow for easy import of internal plans​
Costing Quotes​
Boardwalk Sourcing allows for costing quotes to be collected from multiple partners to select the best value for the company​
Buffer Inventory​
Operations team can enhance sourcing operations with EOL, or discount-driven purchases to secure supply inventory till alternate parts are replaced

Benefits of using Boardwalk for Sourcing

Reduce Lead Times​ 10-20%​
Boardwalk Sourcing makes partner alignment a daily activity which contributes to reduced process cycle times which leads to reduced lead times ​
Reduce Stockouts​
Boardwalk Sourcing enables better partner alignment which leads to reduced stockouts as everyone understands daily plan changes and can synchronize their plans on a daily basis​​
Reduce Costs​ 20-30%
Reduce emergency purchases and express logistics expenses by avoiding supply gaps and better management of component buffers by better integration and collaboration
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