Production Planning

With 85% of companies reporting inadequate visibility into production operations, building a business for the future means deploying digital ledger driven production planning capabilities which can maximize efficiency, optimize operations, and help organizations unlock real value in the supply and production chain.​

With many conventional production planning systems, it’s difficult to track actual production versus planned production, so manufacturers rely on Excel schedules and email to gather detailed production information for finished product, semi product, and components shipped in as WIP from their plants and CO-MANS who fill out these Excel schedules

Production Planning Challenges

While spreadsheets are handy tools for organizing data and performing straightforward calculations, it is difficult to share and collaborate using a spreadsheet. Spreadsheets do not plan; they merely organize information
Takes too Long
Spreadsheets do not communicate or coordinate across the many​ elements of the enterprise that must work together to carry out the business of manufacturing.​
Data Accuracy
Manually cutting and pasting then consolidating information across production locations causes data integrity issues​
Reduction in Risk
It is difficult to share and collaborate on a spreadsheet between even 2 people let alone across your entire production value chain​

Boardwalk-Driven Production Planning

With Boardwalk, business users can develop, verify, deploy, control and manage the master inventory production model designs utilized across various manufacturing locations while users can continue to either work within the familiar Excel environment or a browser, but with much better data controls, data integrity, and process visibility​
Scale Existing Process
Improve the speed, accuracy, and simplicity of information sharing with manufacturing locations. Boardwalk becomes a single version-of-truth for various shared information​
Plan-to-Production Sync
Existing manually managed data can now be reliably integrated with your existing supply and demand planning systems enabling an enterprise quality planning process out to the furthest planning leaf​
Schedule-Plan Flexibility
Removing multiple entries of same information at various nodes of the supply chain and tying it back to the master production schedule on a timelier basis, means more granular plan adjustments can be accommodated​
Traditional relational database driven production planning environments do not work at the level needed to fine-tune your plans to meet everyone’s production capabilities. Boardwalk lets you do this quickly and easily

Benefits of using Boardwalk for Production Planning

Better Productivity
Recover up to 10-15% of everyone’s time lost by eliminating manual and time-consuming file-level data touches and verification cycles​
Better Alignment
Improve the timeliness and quality of production data and ensure better alignment and insight with copackers by moving a manual weekly process to automated and on-demand​
Reduction in Risk
Increase data integrity and controls for inventory and production data by putting in place a single-source-of-truth for the various information shared with manufacturing locations​
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