Deal Configuration Management

Suppliers and customers are always collaborating on price and quantity for products.  A customer always wants to get the best price while a supplier is constantly looking to increase their revenue while still satisfying the customer’s requirements. A Boardwalk Digital Ledger powered deal configuration management application ensures both parties can get the right product, at the right price, at the right time​

Deal Configuration Management Challenges​

Alternate Approvers
If an approver is out of office the deals get stuck and requires special handling to get them moving forward
Deals History
It’s hard to know how have the past deals performed. What deals are being brokered with other customers?​
Current and past Volumes
It’s difficult to review data on historical sales and current outstanding orders provides an insight on what the business can expect and thus negotiate pricing and volume​
Deal Changes​
Supplier offerings on the latest products change the products being requested by  customers.  Adapting to these changes in a timely manner is key to a quick negotiation process
Management By Exemption
Time is money – can a deal be approved quickly based on an automated rule set, allowing approvers to focus on the exceptions​
Currency Changes
Deals require changes in the currency that they are being negotiated in as often the negotiator may need to use a more recent exchange rate

Boardwalk Digital Ledger for Deal Configuration Management​​

The Boardwalk Digital Ledger allows data to be brought in from disparate systems for the collaboration process, arming suppliers with the most current data for the negotiation process and enabling more effective peer-to-peer collaboration. By shortening the approval cycle, automating approval rules, and allowing approvals by exception, the Boardwalk application speeds the approval workflow and the negotiation process
Automate the time-consuming aspects of price approvals, while automatically notifying approvers when they need to approve, so staff can focus on approving and closing deals faster
Data Integrity
Eliminating querying disparate systems, depending on human resources to pull data, and copy/paste for deal pricing analysis will improve efficiency and reduce errors
Enable multi-party collaboration for all your process data and integrate it with your front and back office​
Seamless Scalibility
Easily handle and scale your existing process with multiple currencies, changing exchange rates, and make it easy to review the latest status of every deal in the organization
Quickly understand the performance of your requests for quote (RFQ) performance across all customers, industry segments, and product lines​

Benefits of using Boardwalk for Deal Configuration Management

Better Process Data
It’s increasingly common for organizations to have data inconsistencies across their multiple departments and systems. These numerous links in the chain pose a risk for errors, omissions, or loss​
Better Decisions
Your master data standard should be in agreement with all the data types in your company yet adaptable to data of various standards impacting your organization. Finding commonality and compliance to standards can be complicated.​
Staffing Confidence
Existing  systems can’t communicate and work in harmony to deliver excellent customer service and increase revenue leading to poor customer experience, and eventually—lost revenue​
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