Finance & Accounting

Using the Boardwalk Digital Ledger low code application platform, FP&A professionals working with financial data can securely access only their data and, as the digital ledger is updated, only the changed values are committed to an immutable, verifiable ledger which helps to prevent fraud and ensures data is both accurate and compliant

Critical Financial Applications still in Excel

Finance and accounting professionals often use a dedicated application to close and report financial data, but they use manual methods to extract specific information to support collaborative planning and decision analysis around that data or to collect data across disparate financial systems. Much of this work is done Excel. If fact, a Deloitte survey found that 79% of companies still run critical financial applications in Excel.​

Make Better Business Decisions, Faster

What often happens is that your FP&A team and all other process participants spend 80% of their time getting data and only 20% of the time actually analyzing the data which means process cycles take too long, data integrity suffers, and your planning efforts suffer. It is time to digitally transform your FPA applications with a Digital Ledger low code application platform. Digital ledger technology has the potential to significantly change the way finance professionals work.​

Representative Boardwalk Applications

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