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A new solution to help you organize, manage, search, and share structured and unstructured data. We focus on the age-old challenge of asking a question and getting an answer, so you can make better decisions, faster.

Find out how to unify all your data


Unity Central is next generation technology for document and knowledge management

By searching all information sources at once, you can shine a light on unknown connections, patterns, correlations, and share actionable insights with colleagues.

Seamless Visibility

Seamlessly collect, correlate, and curate a DATA store of WORDS that are sourced from structured and unstructured forms, e.g., SQL tables, bill of materials, documents, images, videos, emails, call logs and many others

Unified Information

A solution which works directly with  the WORDS of business rather than the transformed and compromised DATA from IT.

Unified Collaboration

Data is only valuable when it becomes actionable information. Unity Central allows you to extract and share insights from this information across employees and departments, so that everyone can start to make informed decisions, faster.


Organizations deal with a lot of data, and it comes in many forms.

There is structured data like log files, spreadsheets, tables, and sql databases.

This data was once the bulk of information that lived in a given company, and is why SQL, Excel, and others have historically been a necessity to manage and extract insights from an organizations 'data lake'.

However, with the explosion of a new digital age, 85% of all enterprise information is now unstructured, and comes in the form of emails, documents, images, videos, social media and more.

This unstructured data is stored in disconnected systems, where it rapidly diversifies and evolves, increases in volume, ultimately becoming harder to manage and understand every single day.

With the new reality, 70% of businesses do not know how to handle this influx of information, and because of this, gaps in knowledge continue to grow, resulting in a situation where companies cannot organize, manage, or search the majority of their information.

The people who rely on this data to make vital decisions do not think in rows, columns or raw text.

They use knowledge, research, creativity, inspiration, drive and gut instinct.

It's about time people had a way to be able to ask questions about this data and receive answers in a language they understand.

That is why we created Unity Central. To solve the age old, yet ever evolving challenge that is:

How can I ask a question and get the right answer.


Uncovering hidden information & data with the influx of new forms of information has never been easier. Patented technology allows you to absorb and manage your data, so you can see and control the big picture.

Data Management

Correlates structured and unstructured information to give immediate visibility into enterprise information across the entire value chain. This ultimately allows you to quickly derive crucial insights, without reliance on anyone but yourself! Stay competitive, own your role, company, and industry with actionable visibility.


A unique collaboration system that allows for internal and cross company boundary communication for rapid alignment and decision making. It's time to start sharing the right information that will lead to better decisions that drive improved results.
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Unity Central is made up of three key components

An area where one can store structured and unstructured information, research, query, and correlate that information, and share that information with vital arteries throughout your enterprise
A Network of Words (NOW) that absorbs structured and unstructured enterprise data elements to chart courses and derive insights that did not exist before

A purpose/project driven workspace that include a catalog for documents, workflows, research and correlation, and along with vital vital tools and collaboration functionality

Developer Tools

Take our technology and mold it into your own vision.

A Query engine used for research and correlation of structured and unstructured information

Business Framework
Implement business strategies by rapidly developing collaborative planning and enterprise workflow

Developer Framework
Using Rest API's, algorithms, custom web and mobile application frameworks (using virtual machines), this is Boardwalk's development sandbox. Do with it as you will. Explore the limitless possibilities.


A powerful, yet simple way to find out everything you need from your unstructured data

By searching all data sources at once, you can research, explore, and discern various hypotheses, shine a light on unknown connections, patterns, correlations, and share insights with colleagues.

Keep track

Find Patterns

Locate Connections

Find the delta and intersection between your unstructured data

3rd Party Integrations

Seamlessly integrate with and absorb the data from all of your favorite and most valuable 3rd party applications

Boardwalk Modules

At Boardwalk we continue to create solutions for gaps that occur throughout your business

Every product has a unique story to tell - display it seamlessly across all channels
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A supply chain control tower that digitizes manual processes across your supply chain for trusted data, visibility, insights, and action
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Promise Table
Trust is key in business, so we've developed a system that allows you to generate a 'trust' score between people, companies, organizations, suppliers, distributors, and more!
Allows professionals to track their IP, documents, files, and materials visually via our patented Unity digital ledger
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