Salary Planning

HR professionals know the key to retaining and energizing employees revolve around basic management practices such as showing employees they are valued, giving them clear goals, and ensuring compensation fairly rewards performance. With Boardwalk, you can now easily scale, secure, and trust what you do manually today for salary planning

Benefits of using Boardwalk for Salary Planning

Ensure User Adoption
Directly digitalize existing manual planning processes without re-platforming ensuring the highest user adoption
Handle complicated compensation
Put in place a Unity digital ledger database technology that can be used to handle even the most complication compensation matters
Handle access control data 
Insure that data integrity, security, and trust is in place so everyone only sees and can validate their access controlled data
Compare and Evaluate
Leverage the automatic versioning and audit trail for an on-demand view of who changed what and when, the ability to easily compare and evaluate salary planning trends, and verified data integrity

How Unity Digital Ledger works for Salary Planning

Boardwalk can directly fix the broken parts of compensation management processes, without disrupting managers by introducing needless change or having them work in a difficult to manage web-form environment

You can create a secure, centrally managed digital ledger data environment for your salary data that automates the distribution and collection of compensation information

Centralize the administration of employee relationships, reporting structures, and salary information with a trusted and verified blockchain data environment including a direct integration to backend HRIS system data
The required smart contract workflow, including the execution chain of the approval process, can now be handled leveraging Boardwalk’s patented cell-level access control capabilities
Managers and HR are able to continue using desktop environments without having them embedded or re-platformed into a web-based application which is cumbersome to work with a single record at a time
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