Product Compliance

Consumers today demand more than just innovative products; they also want to know their products are safe to use, where their products come from, how they're sourced, and how they impact the environment. Whether an organization manufactures the product or resells it, the responsibility of product compliance makes the manufacturers as well as the resellers legally accountable.

Because laws and regulations continuously change, manufacturer, retailers, and suppliers are pressed to innovate quickly in order to create complaint green and compliance products and consumers are willing to pay more for these products.

Product Compliance Challenges

Lengthy and Complex Supply Chains
The ability to influence multiple tiers of suppliers throughout the product development process is difficult due to lengthy and complex supply chains
Compliance Regulations and Laws Change Often
Companies find it difficult to understand what compliance regulations and laws impact their products and whether they fall under permissible limits or just manage to meet those limits
Managing Product Declarations

Product declarations are one of the most important aspects of a product, regardless of whether it is put on the shelf by a manufacturer or retailer. A supplier's ability effectively interact with manufacturers over product changes is essential

Boardwalk-Driven Product Compliance

Boardwalktech’s product compliance capabilities take ineffective data collection and management efforts across the extended supply chain and transforms them into Digitally Controlled Applications for managing the use of sustainable packaging and raw materials while maintaining transparency and provenance for all data exchanges
Lengthy and complex supply chains means lots of siloed data which means you need data flexibility. Boardwalk’s patented data management technology is a new class of database technology focused on flexibility and provenance​
Structured & Unstructured Data
With 85% of enterprise data unstructured, you can’t put in place an effective product compliance capability without being able to work with unstructured data. ​
Lifecycle Process Management​
An effective product compliance process means aligning and managing compliance data across many process participants. Unity Central's Flow capability ensures all anticipated and unanticipated steps are captured and managed
With a focus on document and data process visibility, orchestration, monitoring, and learning, Boardwalk product compliance capabilities make all the relevant supply chain data from across the extended value chain actionable

Benefits of using Boardwalk for Product Compliance

Protect and Increase Revenue​
With Boardwalk, you can streamline product development, introduction, and refinement with multi-tier product compliance and comprehensive decision support, increasing sales
Safeguard and Extend your Brand
By mitigating risk using up-to-date information and product documents from your extended supply chain and by ensuring compliance and safety with controls throughout the product lifecycle
Decrease the Cost of Compliance
Update compliance processes and document creation with efficient product compliance requirements management, analytics, automation, and regular content updates with full provenance of all touches
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