Food Safety, Quality, & Traceability

Food safety, traceability, and sustainability programs are increasingly becoming critical agenda items for everyone in the extended food supply chain and yet for most Food Business Operators (FBO) their programs are not able to reach far enough, at the appropriate cadence, and with sufficient detail into their supply chains to be fully effective.

The Boardwalk Unity Digital Ledger (Boardwalk) is designed specifically to support multi-party, enterprise data management and collaboration where the provenance of all interactions are captured. Boardwalk is a patented Digital Ledger database technology that provides the key capabilities needed for an effective food safety, traceability, and sustainability program.​

Food Safety, Quality, & Traceability Challenges

Limited Data Visibility
Data exchanges between parties is generally limited to the data needed to support the transactional requirements of the parties involved— often the requirement is only "one up, one down"​
Lack of Collaboration
Limited support for secure, multiparty information sharing and collaboration across all members of the food supply chain, which is essential for minimizing negative consequences, identifying, and mitigating incident root cause, and managing the work in process (WIP)​
Lack of Granular Data
It is hard to effectively manage a safety, traceability, or sustainability program without the right data, at the appropriate granularity, at the right time, and – very importantly – with full provenance of how it changes over time

Boardwalk-Driven Food Safety, Quality, & Traceability

The Boardwalk Digital Ledger platform is fully extensible to the lowest/further data granularity and provides the required flexibility to enable continuous collaborative sharing of data across the extended food supply chain so FBOs can effectively track critical events.
Simple, Efficient Connections
Boardwalktech’s patented information exchange technology enables simple, efficient connections between different data sources both inside a single company and between companies​ at the lowest level of granularity. These connections enable businesses to configure flexible data networks ready for the collaborative exchange of fine-grained changes and events on a Digital Ledger while maintaining isolation of key vendor information with access control
Continuous Visibility and Alignment
The Boardwalk application will enable all process users across the extended value chain to continuously monitor, collaborate over, and act upon critical traceability and food process data. It can predict potential issues for the availability of dependent products throughout the product supply value chain or the readiness scaling of certain products/suppliers by evaluating the dependency on data updates across all touchpoints over time
Extended Integration
The Boardwalk system can integrate transactional systems, electronic data interchanges (EDI), B2B reports, scan codes, and RFID/GPS tags to capture this information on the digital ledger. These events can be then processed at regular intervals using the Boardwalk chain intelligence module to calculate risk and notify teams about food safety. Root cause analysis programs can be written on the ledger to identify potential causes of a food quality issue

Benefits of using Boardwalk for Food Safety, Quality, & Traceability

Better, Faster Insights
Boardwalktech’s Digital Ledger and NOW Control Tower visual editor can be configured to detect and mitigate/ amplify a variety of positive and negative supply chain events and touchpoints. Combined, they provide a more granular and timely traceability/chain of custody capability for food safety/security purposes, such as product recalls, mock recalls, and support process incident root cause analysis for critical events​
Better Visibility
Improved supply chain visibility provides everyone involved in food safety, traceability, and sustainability programs increased assurance of food safety and security​. Boardwalktech’s Digital Ledger and NOW Control Tower visual editor can be configured to detect and mitigate/ amplify a variety of positive and negative supply chain events and touchpoints
Minimize Operational Risk
It used to be that simply knowing the locations and quantities of the assets needed within your organization’s four walls to conduct current operations were deemed good enough. Today’s world-class organizations realize they need to take a more expansive view of their end-to-end supply chain to avoid critical risks to current operations and protect future profitability
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