• Enterprise Spreadsheet Applications

    Boardwalktech offers a patented application platform that both users
    and IT can use to build enterprise spreadsheet applications.

  • Are you ready to end Excel chaos?

    Boardwalk works at cell rather than file level meaning you can eliminate emailing,
    check-in/out, and manual change management.

  • Spreadsheets.The Lingua Franca Of Business.

    70% of companies rely on spreadsheets for critical processes,
    but emailing and file sharing don’t work for data in spreadsheets.

Build Enterprise Apps in Days that

Collect Data

Replace manual/email-based data collection with real time consolidation.

Enable Collaboration

Multiple concurrent users sharing updates at the cell-level complete with an audit trail of all changes.

Connect to Enterprise

Make better, faster decisions by enabling two-way integration with any data source.

Work Offline/Mobile

Work the way you want to, and then share changes with Submit/Refresh.

Support Large Data

Build Apps where users need to work with thousands of rows of data and web forms don't work.

Secure Data Management

A patented database designed specifically for spreadsheet data.

With Billions of Cells under Management for...

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