Boardwalk Central Digital Ledger

The ever-present problem faced by companies that are dependent on multi-party transactions to get products and services to market is a lack of trust, alignment, and learning across these increasingly complex business networks. The Boardwalk Central Digital Ledger addresses this problem.

Boardwalk Central Digital Ledger

Boardwalk Central Digital Ledger for multi-party applications

For years, it has been difficult for trading partners to effectively plan, collaborate, monitor, and execute commerce with each other on a consistent, trusted basis across all levels of interaction. The Boardwalk Digital Ledger is designed specifically to support multi-party, enterprise data collaboration/management where the provenance of interactions are captured.

Boardwalktech's digital ledger platform eliminates high touch manual processes and delivers improved multi-party information exchanges, reduced business risk, and a richer data environment for predictive analytics. These benefits will result in freed up capital, improved cash flow, and better margins as well as stronger relationships with all trading partners. Boardwalk is the missing piece of the digital transformation puzzle.