Boardwalk Blockchain Digital Ledger

The ever-present problem faced by companies that are dependent on multi-party transactions to get products and services to market is a lack of transparency and accountability across these increasingly complex business networks. Boardwalk Blockchain Digital Ledger addresses this problem.

Boardwalk Blockchain Digital Ledger

Boardwalk Digital Ledger for Blockchain applications

For years, it has been difficult for trading partners to effectively plan, collaborate, monitor, and execute commerce with each other on a consistent, trusted basis across all levels of interaction. Boardwalk Enterprise Blockchain is designed specifically to support multi-party, work-in-process (WIP) enterprise data collaboration/management where participants have the flexibility to commit all or selected WIP data decisions to Blockchain and where the provenance of WIP decisions are captured.

By combining Boardwalk's flexible, temporal data management environment with blockchain’s trust and validation capabilities, you end up with dynamic, smart contract enabled exchanges in place of rigid transactions, resulting in a more efficient environment. The combined Boardwalktech and Blockchain environment provides a powerful system for facilitating more efficient trade, establishing trust, supporting enhanced selective transparency, and enabling better control for their businesses, partners, and customers.